The 1975 documentary Grey Gardens followed two women, mother and daughter, who lived in an East Hampton mansion — in squalor, surrounded by garbage. Two members of the Bouvier family, socially prominent and formerly affluent, related to a First Lady, lived in a mansion in a…
or maybe it's just standing on its head
and guess what i mean by "stealth maneuver"
Have been gone for a few days, on a backpacking trip with an old friend that turned into a solo trip after the aforementioned friend fell downhill with…
we have the latest update on the score in the big eros vs thanatos game
Important legislative hearing coming very soon. I wrote about AB 665 last month, warning parents that its passage would mean your children can vanish…
A guess, not a certain argument from clear evidence. The common wisdom about lockdowns is that the laptop class protected itself at the expense of the…
art that notices the moment
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